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專業的整合製程方案供應商 / Professional integration solution provider
華台科技之優勢,在於掌握光電、觸控面板材料及零組件之關鍵通路,取得多家日本關鍵原廠的台灣代理,在相關的材料、設備供應上, 具產業群聚及成本低廉優勢。結合原廠品質與技術支援,能提供台灣相關製造業者,更快速彈性的整合製程方案服務。
Our strength is that in dominating photoelectric and touch panel material and component key channel, we have many Japanese supplier distributorship in Taiwan. Therefore we have industrial cluster and low cost advantage to supply related materials and equipment. With manufacture quality and technical support, we provide fast and flexible integration solution service.
光電/觸控面板 / Optronics/Touch Panel
- 光電膜製程方案 /
- ITO Film Material
- OGS製程方案 /
- OGS Process Material
- 水膠貼合製程方案 /
- UV Lamination Process Material(OCR)
- AR鍍膜製程方案 /
- AR Film Material
- 2.5D,3D研磨製程方案 /
- 2.5D, 3D Glass Polishing Material

動力電池隔離膜 / Separator for Secondary Li-lon Battery
- 乾式隔離模製程方案 / Dry Type PE, PP
服務內容 / Prospect
1. 專業的光電、觸控面板、半導體及新能源的製程方案
The professional solution provider for material & equipment of optoelectronics, touch panel, semiconductor & new energy industry.
2. 製程設備及材料經銷
Equipment & Material Agent.
3. 設備的ODM及OEM製造
Equipment OEM & ODM Manufacturing.
Jan. 2004 華台科技成立。
Foresight Taiwan was founded.
Jun. 2005 台灣華台成立,代理OIKE, MICRO, NISSAN CHEMICAL等多家大廠觸控材料之銷售,提供台灣客戶更直接快速、專業的服務。
Foresight Taiwan provides customers faster and professional services with technical support from OIKE, MICRO, NISSAN CHEMICAL etc.
May 2008 韓國 Foresight Korea 設立。
Foresight Korea was founded.
Jun. 2009 新能源事業部成立,開展鋰電池開發事業。
New Energy Dept. founded. Start up Li-ion Battery solution business development.
July. 2010 深圳辦公室設立。
Set up Foresight China office in Shenzhen.
July 2011 與日本KANEKA, ICT合作,成功導入OCR製程設備及材料至AUO, FOXCONN, JTOUCH, TPK
JV development the OCR process equipment & material with KANEKA, ICT, successfully sales to AUO, FOXCONN, JTOUCH & TPK etc.
Oct. 2011 台南科學園區投資案通過國科會核准、台南學園區製造中心設立。
Approved by National Science Council, Set up foresight Tainan manufacturing Center in Tainan Science Park.
Dec.2012 併購日本武臟野 Fine Glass Co., Ltd.,為OGS材料業務開展。
Mergers and acquisitions of Japanese Musashino Fine Glass Co., Ltd, for OGS material business development.
李建興 (Brian Lee)
華台科技以開發、專案提案型態的產品、協助客戶實現解決方案為公司之首要目標,並以最尖端技術為導向,結合原廠通路、技術服務支援,代理觸控面板產業、鋰鐵電池上 游關鍵材料及設備及FPD/LCD產業之相關原物料、零組件、製程設備等產品,並跨足設備製造、研發之領域,以提供光電及新能源產業之材料、設備及自動化相關設備供應的在地化實現為主要任務。
Foresight defines that we assist customers to find solution with our developed, specialized and proposed products as a primary objective. With the introduction of cutting edge technology, we, as an agent, distribute touch panel parts, lithium ion battery key materials and equipment, FPD/LCD related materials, components, and production process equipment and so on by combination of supply channel and technical service support. Expanding equipment manufacturing and R&D area, we set our corporate responsibility to provide photoelectric and new energy industrial material and equipment, and to achieve localization of automation related equipment supply.

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